Playlist theme: Passionate performers

One of the reasons why I decided to interview Rae was not only because she was talented, but also because when she performed, there was passion in her whole being.  Having passion in what you do is one of the most important things to stay creatively sparked and connected.  When she sings her songs, you know she is deeply connected to the words that we hear.  Here is Rae performing her song, “Don’t Love Me Later.”

For this passionate players playlist theme, I’ve listed a few artists who are also passionate performers like Rae.   If you click on the song and artist, it’ll lead you to their performances found on their official YouTube pages.

1. I Am So Ordinary – Paula Cole

2. Parting Gift – Fiona Apple

3. Beautiful Disaster – Jon McLaughlin

4. People Help The People – Birdy

Add to the playlist! Do you know of any artists who are passionate performers?  Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment below.

Connie N. Wang
Creator of the portfolio – in progress